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Period January to December 2018, Volume 46, issues 1 to 6 (for both print and online)
Printed  Bi-monthly (January, March, May, July, September, November)
ISSNs Print: 0310-057X
Online: 1448-0271
Impact Factor 1.283 (2015)
Agency discount 10%
Cancellation/pro-rata None
Subscription payments Only the CORRECT amount will be processed, incorrect payments (either due to incorrect currency or amount) will NOT be processed and returned to agent or subscriber. Electronic funds transfer cannot be accepted.
Claims Claims will not be processed if the subscription has not been paid in FULL. The ASA is not responsible for damaged or lost issues caused by the postal service of the country in question. Claims cannot be made six months outside of the subscription period. Claims can only be made for two issues per calendar year. If ‘out of print’ there will be no reprint, issues must be sought from the online access facility.
Postage Included in above price. Sent by airmail if international subscriber.
Online access
  • Free for subscribers
  • 1972-1995 PDF only, 1996 to present day HTML and PDF
  • Individual – one subscription entitles one login password
  • Institutions – one subscription entitles one computer terminal (one single dedicated IP address) online access. Access is via static IP address recognition only
  • Multiple IP addresses – If more than one IP address is required, ranges can be acquired at an additional expense. Please contact us for rates.