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Jeanette Thirlwell Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Best Paper Award

The Jeanette Thirlwell Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Best Paper Award is presented annually for an original article published in the previous calendar year.


The Editorial Board appoints a panel of three of its members to adjudicate the Best Paper Award. Qualifying papers are identified and assessed by the panel on the following criteria:

  1. Scientific content – appropriateness, methodology, quality of measurements, etc.
  2. Originality.
  3. Relevance to the practice of anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine.
  4. Presentation – quality of prose, style, figures, tables, etc.


  • The first author receives $2000, return airfares, accommodation for one night and travel allowances to attend the Editor’s Session at the ASA's National Scientific Congress.
  • All authors receive a certificate.

Award Recipients






 2017 Y. C. Bong, J. Walsham
Systemic anticoagulation related to heparin locking of non-tunnelled venous dialysis catheters in intensive care patients
 2016 T.J. Byrne, B. Riedel, H.M. Ismail, A. Heriot, R. Dauer, D. Westerman, J.F. Seymour, K. Kenchington, K. Burbury Fast-track rapid warfarin reversal for elective surgery: extending the efficacy profile to high-risk patients with cancer.
2015 M.J. Paech, N.J. McDonnell, A. Sinha, C. Baber, E.A. Nathan A randomised controlled trial of parecoxib, ce-lecoxib and paracetamol as adjuncts to patient-controlled epidural analgesia after caesarean section
2014  TT. Liu, A Raju, T Boesel, AM Cyna and SGM Tan    Chronic pain after caesarean delivery: an Australian cohort
2013 C. Grant, GL. Ludbrook, EJ. O’Loughlin and TB Corcoran An analysis of computer-assisted pre-screening prior to elective surgery’ 
2012 R. Augustes, KM. Ho
Meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials on daily sedation interruption for critically ill adult patients 
2011 T. B. Corcoran, E. B. Truyens, A. Ng, N. Moseley, A. C. Doyle, L. Margetts Anti-emetic dexamethasone and postoperative infection risk: a retrospective cohort study
2010 M. Reeves, M. W. Skinner Continuous intra-articular infusion of ropivacaine after unilateral total knee arthroplasty
2009  N. Y. Fung, Y. Hu, M. G. Irwin, B. F. M. Chow, M. Y. Yuen Comparison between sevoflurane/remifentanil and propofol/remifentanil anaesthesia in providing conditions for somatosensory evoked potential monitoring during scoliosis corrective surgery
2008 D. Bell, A. O’Connor, K. Leslie The influence of flushing epidural catheters before use on detection of intravenous placement: an in vitro and in vivo study
2007 R. R. Kennedy, M. M. Sakowska The relationship between calculated effect-site sevoflurane levels and awakening from anaesthesia
2006 K. M. Ho, H. Ismail, K.C. Lee, R. Branch Use of Intrathecal Neostigmine as an Adjunct to Other Spinal Medications in Perioperative and Peripartum Analgesia: A Meta-Analysis
2005 C. Hayes, A. Armstrong-Brown, R. Burstal Perioperative Intravenous Ketamine Infusion for the Prevention of Persistent Post-amputation Pain: A Randomized, Controlled Trial
2004 B. W. Johnson, J. Sleigh, I. J. Kirk, M. L. Williams High-density EEG mapping during general anaesthesia with xenon and propofol: a pilot study
2003 N. Pollock, E. E. Langton, K. Couchman, K. M.  Stowell, M. Waddington  Suspected malignant hyperthermia reactions in New Zealand
2002 J. C. Binder, W. G. Parkin Non-invasive cardiac output determination: Comparison of a new partial-rebreathing technique with thermodilution
2001 D. J. Fabijan, R. W. Morris, G. M. Murray The effect of nitrous oxide on hearing
2000 P. S. Myles, J. O. Hunt, H. O.  Holdgaard, R. McRae, M. R. Buckland, J. Moloney, J. Hall, M. A. Bujor, D. S.  Esmore, B. B. Davis, D. J. Morgan Clonidine and cardiac surgery: Haemodynamic and metabolic effects, myocardial ischaemia and recovery
1999 R. Burstal, F. Wegener, C. Hayes, G. Lantry Subcutaneous tunnelling of epidural catheters for postoperative analgesia to prevent accidental dislodgement: A randomized controlled trial
1998 W. D. Ngan Kee, K. K. Lam, P. P. Chen, T. Gin Comparison of patient-controlled epidural analgesia with patient-controlled intravenous analgesia using pethidine or fentanyl