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Volume 45, Issue 5, 529-648 September 2017

[+] In vitro evaluation of the effect of haemodilution with dextran 40 on coagulation profile as measured by thromboelastometry and multiple electrode aggregometry
PCA. Kam, JPC. Liou, KXF . Yang
[+] The effect of a surgery-specific cardiac output–guided haemodynamic algorithm on outcomes in patients undergoing pancreaticoduodenectomy in a high-volume centre: a retrospective comparative study
L. Weinberg, J. Banting, L. Churilov, RL. McLeod, K. Fernandes, I. Chao, T. Ho, D. Ianno , V. Liang, V. Muralidharan , C. Christophi, M. Nikfarjam
[+] Effect of sugammadex versus neostigmine/atropine combination on postoperative cognitive dysfunction after elective surgery
C. Batistaki, M. Riga, F. Zafeiropoulou, G. Lyrakos, G. Kostopanagiotou, P. Matsota
[+] Impact of thrombelastography in paediatric intensive care
BG. Carter, E. Carland, P. Monagle, SB. Horton, W. Butt
[+] Incidence of elevated procalcitonin and presepsin levels after severe trauma: a pilot cohort study
K. Hoshino, Y. Irie, M. Mizunuma, K. Kawano, T. Kitamura, H. Ishikura
[+] Outcomes of telemedicine intervention in a regional intensive care unit: a before and after study
OM. Panlaqui, E. Broadfield, R. Champion, JP. Edington, S. Kennedy
[+] Administration of anaesthetic triggering agents to patients tested malignant hyperthermia normal and their relatives in New Zealand: an update
D. Frei, KM. Stowell, EE. Langton, L. McRedmond, NA. Pollock, TF. Bulger
[+] A retrospective observational study of patients with dilated cardiomyopathy undergoing non-cardiac surgery
KA. Cook, PA. MacIntyre, JR. McAlpine