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Volume 45, Issue 4, 429-528 July 2017

[+] Awareness during general anaesthesia in the first 4,000 incidents reported to webAIRS
K. Leslie, MD. Culwick, H. Reynolds, JA. Hannam, AF. Merry
[+] Primary prevention in the intensive care unit: a prospective single-centre study of the risk factors for invasive pneumococcal disease
AR. Chapman, EL. Litton
[+] Randomised comparison of three types of continuous anterior abdominal wall block after midline laparotomy for gynaecological oncology surgery
PJ. Cowlishaw, PJ. Kotze, L. Gleeson, N. Chetty, LE. Stanbury, PJ. Harms
[+] The effect of a perioperative ketamine infusion on the incidence of chronic postsurgical pain—a pilot study
PJ. Peyton, C. Wu, T. Jacobson, M. Hogg, F. Zia, K. Leslie
[+] Does anyone ever expect to die?
MHR. Anstey, N. Watts, N. Orford, IM. Seppelt, I. Mitchell
[+] Validity evidence of non-technical skills assessment instruments in simulated anaesthesia crisis management
T. Jirativanont, K. Raksamani, N. Aroonpruksakul, P. Apidechakul, S. Suraseranivongse
[+] The rapid and accurate categorisation of critically ill patients (RACE) to identify outcomes of interest for longitudinal studies: a feasibility study
AM. Deane, CL. Hodgson, P. Young, L. Little, V. Singh, A. Poole, M. Young, D. Mackle, K. Lange, P. Williams, SL. Peake, MJ. Chapman, TJ. Iwashyna
[+] The effect of oral intake during the immediate pre-colonoscopy time period on volume depletion in patients who receive sodium picosulfate
GS. Labuschagne, RW. Morris
[+] Anaesthetic management of patients undergoing cytoreductive surgery with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy for pseudomyxoma peritonei: a retrospective audit
SP. Shiralkar, P. Kerr, J. Scott, P. Sivalingam
[+] Intravascular catheters—an ultrasound imaging based observational study of position and function
PD. Hebbard, P. Flinn
[+] Rational Clinical Pathology Assessment in the Intensive Care Unit
KS. Rachakonda, M. Parr, A. Aneman, S. Bhonagiri, S. Micallef
[+] Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Rapid Response Systems and Medical Emergency Teams
D. Jones, J. Holmes , .. Currey, E. Fugaccia, AJ. Psirides, MY. Singh, GJ. Fennessy, K. Hillman, DV. Pilcher, R. Bellomo, M. DeVita