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Volume 45, Issue 2, 133-278 March 2017

[+] A six-month evaluation of the VivaSight™ video double-lumen endotracheal tube after introduction into thoracic anaesthetic practice at a single institution
IL. Rapchuk, SAM. Kunju, IJ. Smith, DJ. Faulke
[+] Survey of research capability at Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists accredited training sites
KR. Goulding, PJ. Peyton, DA. Story, A. Parker, K. Leslie
[+] A pilot study using preoperative cerebral tissue oxygen saturation to stratify cardiovascular risk in major non-cardiac surgery
SYB. Wen, AZY. Peng, S. Boyle, S. Cai, L. Pope, MT. Tran, TG. Short, A. Aneman, M. Jaeger, A. Chuan
[+] Hospitals with briefer than average lengths of stays for common surgical procedures do not have greater odds of either re-admission or use of short-term care facilities
F. Dexter, RH. Epstein, EU. Dexter, DA. Lubarsky, EC. Sun
[+] Changes in cerebral oxygen saturation and haemoglobin concentration during paediatric cardiac surgery
T. Suemori, SB. Horton, S. Bottrell, JJ. Skowno, A. Davidson
[+] Validation of a difficult endotracheal intubation simulator designed for use in anaesthesia training
S. Brettig, M. Shurgott, SJ. Quinn, H. Owen
[+] Global tidal variations, regional distribution of ventilation, and the regional onset of filling determined by electrical impedance tomography: reproducibility
LR. Caruana, AG. Barnett, O. Tronstad, JD. Paratz, AT. Chang, JF. Fraser
[+] Ambu® AuraGain™ versus LMA Supreme™ Second Seal™: a randomised controlled trial comparing oropharyngeal leak pressures and gastric drain functionality in spontaneously breathing patients
II. Shariffuddin, WH. Teoh, EBK. Tang, NHM. Hashim, PS. Loh
[+] A clinical audit to assess the efficacy of the Coolsense® Pain Numbing Applicator for intravenous cannulation in children
PG. Ragg, G. Cahoon, A. Yeo, G. Chalkiadis