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Volume 45, Issue 1, 1-132 January 2017

[+] Altered blood levels of vitamin D, cathelicidin and parathyroid hormone in patients with sepsis—a pilot study
T. Greulich, W. Regner, M. Branscheidt, C. Herr, AR. Koczulla, CF. Vogelmeier, R. Bals
[+] Aetiology of preoperative anaemia in patients undergoing elective cardiac surgery—the challenge of pillar one of Patient Blood Management
J. Abraham, R. Sinha, K. Robinson, V. Scotland, D. Cardone
[+] The addition of tick-boxes related to tobacco cessation improves smoking-related documentation in the anaesthesia chart
A. Webb, AC. Wilson
[+] Haptoglobin and free haemoglobin during cardiac surgery—is there a link to acute kidney injury?
AJ. Wetz, EM. Richardt, H. Schotola, M. Bauer, A. Bräuer
[+] Prognosis of patients with rheumatic diseases admitted to intensive care
M. Beil, S. Sviri, V. de la Guardia, I. Stav, E. Ben-Chetrit, PV. van Heerden
[+] Welfare of anaesthesia trainees survey
GB. Downey, JM. McDonald, RG. Downey
[+] Evaluating team-based inter-professional advanced life support training in intensive care—a prospective observational study
DJ. Brewster, JA. Barrett, E. Gherardin, JA. O'Neill, D. Sage, G. Hanlon