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Volume 44, Issue 2, 185-324 March 2016

[+] Reliability of the Direct Observation of Procedural Skills assessment tool for ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia
A. Chuan, S. Thillainathan, P.L.. Graham, B. Jolly, D. Wong, NA. Smith, M.J.. Barrington
[+] Learning from defects using a comprehensive management system for incident reports in critical care
YM. Arabi, s. Al-Owais, K. Al-Attas, A. Al-Amry, K. Al-Zahrani, B. Baig, D. White, A. Deeb, HD. Al-Dorzi, S. Haddad, HM. Tamim, s. Taher
[+] End-tidal sevoflurane concentration for ProSeal™ versus Classic™ laryngeal mask airway insertion in unpremedicated anaesthetised adult females
B. Ghai, K. Jain, D. Bansal, N. Bhatia
[+] Risk factors for bleeding complications after percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy: a ten-year institutional analysis
K. Pilarczyk, N. Haake, M. Dudasova, B. Huschens, D. Wendt, E. Demircioglu, H. Jakob, F. Dusse
[+] The anaesthetic assessment, management and risk factors of bariatric surgical patients requiring post-operative intensive care support: a state-wide, five-year cohort study.
DJR. Morgan, KM. Ho
[+] Intensive Care Management of Children Intubated for Croup: a retrospective analysis
BG. Gelbart, SJ. Parsons, A. Sarpal, P. Ninova, W. Butt
[+] Acute kidney injury following liver transplantation: a systematic review of published predictive models
R. Caragata, KH. Wyssusek, P. Kruger
[+] Characteristics and dying trajectories of adult hospital patients from acute care wards who die following review by the rapid response team
M. Coombs, K. Nelson, AJ. Psirides, N. Suter, A. Pedersen
[+] Intravenous lipid emulsion for levobupivacaine intoxication in acidotic and hypoxaemic pigs
JA. Heinonen, MB. Skrifvars, J. Haasio, JT. Backman, PH. Rosenberg, E. Litonius
[+] The effect of adjuvant remifentanil with propofol or thiopentone on seizure quality during electroconvulsive therapy
R. MacPherson, M. Marroquin-Harris, V. Gálvez, P. Tor, C. Loo
[+] Chewing gum in the preoperative fasting period: an analysis of de-identified incidents reported to webAIRS
NM. Gibbs, S. Shanmugam, G. Goulding, K. Taraporewalla, M. Culwick