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Volume 42, Issue 5, 541-684 September 2014

[+] Changing patterns in volatile anaesthetic agent consumption over seven years in Victorian public hospitals
L. Weinberg, S. Tay, V. Aykanat, R. Segal, CO. Tan, P. Peyton, L. McNicol, DA. Story
[+] Sodium concentration in urine greater than in the plasma: possible biomarker of normal renal function and better outcome in critically ill patients
AT. Maciel, D. Vitorio, LD. Salles, M. Park
[+] Evaluation of differences in patient and physician perception of benefit and risks of aspirin and antifibrinolytic therapy in cardiac surgery
PS. Myles, G. Thompson, C. Fedorow, C. Farrington, N. Sheridan
[+] An audit of the statistical validity of conclusions of clinical superiority in anaesthesia journals
NM. Gibbs, WM. Weightman
[+] Comparison of Massimo Pronto-7 and HemoCue Hb 201+ with laboratory haemoglobin estimation: a clinical study
R. Hiscock, SW. Simmons, B. Carstensen, LC. Gurrin
[+] Inter-rater reliability of the ASA physical status classification in a sample of anaesthetists in Western Australia
RH. Riley, CDJ. Holman, DR. Fletcher
[+] Anaesthesia-related haemodynamic complications in Williams syndrome patients: a review of one institution's experience
Louise. Olsen, CJ. Fahy, DA. Costi, AJ. Kelly, LL. Burgoyne
[+] Lateral cutaneous femoral nerve blockade-limited skin incision coverage in hip arthroplasty
A. Davies, AP. Crossley, MW. Harper, EJ. O'Loughlin
[+] An assessment of two Doppler-based monitors to track cardiac output changes in anaesthetised patients undergoing major surgery
L. Huang, LAH. Critchley
[+] Adequate images in intraoperative transoesophageal echocardiography: a quality improvement project
JM. Graham, D. Sidebotham, DA. Story, R. Hu, F. Parker
[+] Predicting patients at risk of early postoperative adverse events
R. Seglenieks, TW. Painter, GL. Ludbrook