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Volume 40, Issue 6, 915-1086 November 2012

[+] A pilot study of cerebral and haemodynamic physiological changes during sedation with dexmedetomidine or propofol in patients with acute brain injury
ML. James, DM. Olson, C. Graffagnino
[+] Cost analysis of real-time polymerase chain reaction microbiological diagnosis in patients with septic shock
J. Alvarez, J. Mar, E. Varela-Ledo, M. Garea, L. Matinez-Lamas, J. Rodriguez, B. Regueiro
[+] Patterns of patient-ventilator asynchrony as predictors of prolonged mechanical ventilation
V. K.. Gogineni, R. Brimeyer, A. Modrykamien
[+] A pilot study of short-term high-pressure support ventilation in persistent sudden-onset rapid breathing
J. Duan, X. Tang, S. Huang, J. Jia, S. Guo
[+] Performance of APACHE III over time in Australia and New Zealand: a retrospective cohort study
E. Paul, M. Bailey, A. van Lint, DV. Pilcher
[+] An analysis of the readability of patient information and consent forms used in research studies in anaesthesia in Australia and New Zealand
H. Taylor. Taylor, DEP. Bramley
[+] A prospective, observational study comparing postoperative residual curarisation and early adverse respiratory events in patients reversed with neostigmine or sugammadex or after apparent spontaneous recovery
GV. Cammu, V. Smet, K. De Jongh, D. Vandeput
[+] Point-of-care testing of coagulation and fibrinolytic status during postpartum haemorrhage: developing a thrombelastography®-guided transfusion algorithm
JS. Hill, G. Devenie, M. Powell
[+] Effects of a 1:1 inspiratory to expiratory ratio on respiratory mechanics and oxygenation during one-lung ventilation in the lateral decubitus position
SH. Kim, YS. Choi, JG. Lee, IH. Park, YJ. Oh
[+] The self-pressurising air-Q® Intubating Laryngeal Airway for airway maintenance during anaesthesia in adults: a report of the first 100 uses
RE. Galgon, K. Schroeder, AM. Joffe
[+] Fifteen-hour day shifts have little effect on the performance of taskwork by anaesthesia trainees during uncomplicated clinical simulation
AL. Garden, BJ. Robinson, LJ. Kappus, I. MacLeod, PH. Gander