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Volume 40, Issue 4, 583-746 July 2012

[+] A comparison of pulse contour wave analysis and ultrasonic cardiac output monitoring in the critically ill
AA. Udy, M. Altukroni, P. Jarrett, JA. Roberts, J. Lipman
[+] Ventilation – how often are we correct?
D. Dennis, W. Jacob, PV. van Heerden
[+] Cerebrospinal fluid volume and nerve root vulnerability during lumbar puncture or spinal anaesthesia at different vertebral levels
A. Prats-Galino, MA. Reina, A. Puigdellívol-Sánchez, JA. Juanes Méndez, JA. De Andrés, CB. Collier
[+] Increased sedation requirements in patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for respiratory and cardio-respiratory failure
K. Shekar, JA. Roberts, D. Mullany, A. Corley, S. Fisquet, T. Bull, AG. Barnett, JF. Fraser
[+] Low-dose remifentanil infusion during ventilator weaning and tracheal extubation in postoperative intensive care unit patients sedated with propofol-remifentanil: a randomised clinical trial
SY. Kim, SY. Yang, SW. Na, YY. Jo, SO. Koh
[+] The impact of clinical protocols in the management of severe sepsis: a prospective cohort study
J. Phua, BCH. Ho, A. Tee, KPW. Chan, A. Johan, S. Loo, CR. Soh, N. Chia, AYH. Tan, HM. Tham, YH. Chan, Y. Koh
[+] Assessment and perceptions of intensive care data quality, reporting and use: a survey of ICU directors
KM. Hewson-Conroy, LT. Tierney, AR. Burrell
[+] The effect of hair colour on anaesthetic requirements and recovery time after surgery
PS. Myles, FF. Buchanan, C.Bain. Bain
[+] Comparison of evoked electromyography in three muscles of the hand during recovery from non-depolarising neuromuscular blockade
S. Phillips, PA. Stewart, N. Freelander, G. Heller
[+] The development and preliminary evaluation of a proposed new scoring system for videolaryngoscopy
AD. Swann, JD. English, EJ. O'Loughlin
[+] Audit of cardiac pathology detection using a criteria-based perioperative echocardiography service
JG. Faris, K. Hartley, CM. Fuller, R H. Langston, CF. Royse, MG. Veltman