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Volume 40, Issue 2, 201-378 March 2012

[+] Comparison of outcomes by modality for critically ill patients requiring renal replacement therapy: a single-centre cohort study adjusting for time-varying illness severity and modality exposure
N. Khanal, MR. Marshall, TM. Ma, PJ. Pridmore, AB. Williams, APN. Rankin
[+] Pharmacokinetics of oxycodone after subcutaneous administration in a critically ill population compared with a healthy cohort
RB. Krishnamurthy, RN. Upton, AO. Fajumi, S. Lai, CS. Charlton, RM. Ousley, AM. Martinez, H. McConnell, SN. O'Connor, J. Ong, PE. Macintyre, MJ. Chapman, GL. Ludbrook
[+] An observational study exploring amplitude-integrated electroencephalogram and Spectral Edge Frequency during paediatric anaesthesia
S. McKeever, L. Johnston, AJ. Davidson
[+] Performance of the PIRO score for predicting mortality in patients with ventilator-associated pneumonia
GH. Furtado, DE. Wiskirchen, JL. Kuti, DP. Nicolau
[+] Lignocaine plasma levels following topical gel application in laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures
EA. Hewitt, G.L.. Armstrong, N. Beg, S. Katz, TG. Vancaillie
[+] An analysis of computer-assisted pre-screening prior to elective surgery
C. Grant, GL. Ludbrook, EJ. O'Loughlin, TB. Corcoran
[+] Ketofol (mixture of ketamine and propofol) administration in electroconvulsive therapy
G. Erdogan Kayhan, A. Yucel, YZ. Colak, U. Ozgul, SY. Yologlu, R. Karlidag, MO. Ersoy