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Volume 39, Issue 5, 787-988 September 2011

[+] Experience with high frequency oscillation ventilation during the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic in Australia and New Zealand
RJ. Boots, J. Lipman, M. Lassig-Smith, DP. Stephens, J. Thomas, Y. Shehabi, F. Bass, A. Anthony, D. Long, IM. Seppelt, L. Weisbrodt, S. Erickson, J. Beca, C. Sherring, S. McGuiness, R. Parke, ER. Stachowski, R. Boyd, B. Howe
[+] Markers of coagulation activation after hepatic resection for cancer: evidence of sustained upregulation of coagulation
L. Weinberg, N. Scurrah, FC. Parker, R. Dauer, J. Marshall, P. McCall, D. Story, C. Smith, L. McNicol
[+] C-reactive protein as a predictor of mortality in critically ill patients: a meta-analysis and systematic review
Z. Zhang, H. Ni
[+] Initial lactate level and mortality in septic shock patients with hepatic dysfunction
YR. Kang, S-W. Um, W-J. Koh, GY. Suh, MP. Chung, H. Kim, OJ. Kwon, K. Jeon
[+] Cardiac output and propofol concentrations in prone surgical patients
K. Leslie, CY-X. Wu, AR. Bjorksten, DL. Williams, G. Ludbrook, E. Williamson
[+] The association between intraoperative electroencephalogram-based measures and pain severity in the post-anaesthesia care unit
CJ. Law, JW. Sleigh, JPM. Barnard, JN. MacColl
[+] The effect of a graphical interpretation of a statistic trend indicator (Trigg's Tracking Variable) on the detection of simulated changes
RR. Kennedy, AF. Merry
[+] Safety of exposure of malignant hyperthermia non-susceptible patients and their relatives to anaesthetic triggering agents
N. Pollock, EE. Langton, KM. Stowell, TF. Bulger
[+] Adverse events in the removal of naltrexone implants
PHM. Sadleir, AI. Gardner, B. Hennessy
[+] Optimum bolus dose of propofol for tracheal intubation during sevoflurane induction without neuromuscular blockade in children
SH. Kim, J-Y. Hong, EH. Suk, SM. Jeong, PH. Park
[+] Prophylactic use of midazolam or propofol at the end of surgery may reduce the incidence of emergence agitation after sevoflurane anaesthesia
YH. Kim, SZ. Yoon, HJ. Lim, SM. Yoon
[+] Single level paravertebral versus caudal block in paediatric inguinal surgery
R. Tug, D. Ozcengiz, Y. Günes
[+] Cerebrospinal fluid cytology in patients undergoing combined spinal epidural versus spinal anaesthesia without an introducer
B. Sharma, S. Gupta, N. Jain, A. Handoo, J. Sood
[+] 'Safe' methaemoglobin concentrations are a mortality risk factor in patients receiving inhaled nitric oxide
L. Rolley, H. Bandeshe, RJ. Boots
[+] Compliance with processes of care in intensive care units in Australia and New Zealand – a point prevalence study
KM. Hewson-Conroy, AR. Burrell, D. Elliott, SAR. Webb, IM. Seppelt, C. Taylor, P. Glass
[+] The impact of anaesthetic trainees on elective caesarean section procedural times: a prospective observational study
W. Browne, LWL. Siu, JP. Monagle