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Volume 38, Issue 4, 609-794 July 2010

[+] Anti-emetic dexamethasone and postoperative infection risk: a retrospective cohort study
TB. Corcoran, EB. Truyens, A. Ng, N. Moseley, AR. Doyle, L. Margetts
[+] Single dose dexamethasone for postoperative nausea and vomiting – a matched case-control study of postoperative infection risk
VG. Percival, J. Riddell, TB. Corcoran
[+] Anti-emetic doses of dexamethasone suppress cortisol response in laparoscopic cholecystectomy
BS. Cowie, KJ. Allen, SA. Said, WJ. Inder
[+] The safety of recombinant factor VIIa in cardiac surgery
B. Mitra, L. Phillips, PA. Cameron, B. Billah, C. Reid
[+] A retrospective study to determine whether accessing frequency affects the incidence of microbial colonisation in peripheral arterial catheters
DBC. Koh, IK. Robertson, M. Watts, AN. Davies
[+] Modern blood filters do not need to be routinely changed for the majority of red blood cell transfusions in New Zealand
DM. Rusk, PM. Eames
[+] Warming the epidural injectate improves first sacral segment block: a randomised double-blind study
SS. Han, SC. Lee, YJ. Ro, SW. Min, J. Huh
[+] Glycaemic fluctuation predicts mortality in critically ill patients
HM. Al-Dorzi, HM. Tamim, YM. Arabi
[+] Changes in case-mix and outcomes of critically ill patients in an Australian tertiary intensive care unit
TA. Williams, KM. Ho, GJ. Dobb, J. Finn, MW. Knuiman, SAR. Webb
[+] Effects of age and coronary artery disease on cerebrovascular reactivity to carbon dioxide in humans
SD. Galvin, LA. Celi, KN. Thomas, TR. Clendon, IF. Galvin, RW. Bunton, PN. Ainslie
[+] The effect of remifentanil on the incidence of agitation on emergence from sevoflurane anaesthesia in children undergoing adenotonsillectomy
Y. Dong, LX. Meng, Y. Wang, JJ. Zhang, G. Zhao, CH. Ma
[+] Unplanned early readmission to the intensive care unit: a case-control study of patient, intensive care and ward-related factors
N. Makris, JM. Dulhunty, JD. Paratz, H. Bandeshe, JR. Gowardman
[+] Healthcare utilisation among patients discharged from hospital after intensive care
TA. Williams, GD. Leslie, L. Brearley, GJ. Dobb