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Volume 35, Issue 2, 159-322 April 2007

[+] Acid-base and bio-energetics during balanced versus unbalanced normovolaemic haemodilution
TJ. Morgan, B. Venkatesh, A. Beindorf, I. Andrew, J. Hall
[+] The cardiovascular effects of adrenaline, dobutamine and milrinone in rabbits using pressure-volume loops and guinea pig isolated atrial tissue
C. Royse, AG. Royse, R. Rohrlach, CE. Wright, JA. Angus
[+] Use of elastin fibres detected in non-directed low volume bronchial lavage in ventilated ICU patients
RJ. Boots, GE. Phillips, N. George, JL. Faoagali
[+] A comparison of the degree of residual mitral regurgitation by intraoperative transoesophageal and follow-up transthoracic echocardiography following mitral valvuloplasty
M. Gillham, P. Diprose, J. Ambler
[+] The use of ketamine as rescue analgesia in the recovery room following morphine administration—a double-blind randomised controlled trial in postoperative patients
A. Gillies, DE. Lindholm, M. Angliss, A. Orr
[+] The impact of Bispectral Index monitoring on sedation administration in mechanically ventilated patients
C. Weatherburn, R. Endacott, P. Tynan, MJ. Bailey
[+] Variations in cerebral haemodynamics during irrigation phase in neuroendoscopic procedures
H. Prabhakar, GP. Rath, PK. Bithal, A. Suri, HH. Dash
[+] Update in computer-driven weaning from mechanical ventilation
L. Rose, J. Presneill, JF. Cade
[+] The ProSeal laryngeal mask airway in prone patients: a retrospective audit of 245 patients
JR. Brimacombe, V. Wenzel, C. Keller
[+] Performance comparison of two anaesthetic facemasks
AJ. Ball, J. Craig, DJ. Richardson, RJ. Green
[+] Changing from epidural to multimodal analgesia for colorectal laparotomy: an audit
CR. Chilvers, MH. Nguyen, IK. Robertson