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Volume 34, Issue 1, 1-134 February 2006

[+] The use of recombinant activated factor VII for refractory bleeding post complex cardiothoracic surgery
J. Walsham, JF. Fraser, MD. Ziegenfuss, M. Chinthamuneedi, DV. Mullany, J. Dunning, P. Tesar
[+] The yield of lumbar puncture to exclude nosocomial meningitis as aetiology for mental status changes in the medical intensive care unit
WL. Jackson, AF. Shorr
[+] Effectiveness of 3-in-1 continuous femoral block of differing concentrations compared to patient controlled intravenous morphine for post total knee arthroplasty analgesia and knee rehabilitation
E. Seet, WL. Leong, ASN. Yeo, SMC. Fook-Chong
[+] Prediction of successful epidural catheter placement by a 'cold test'
PK. Sinha, PK. Dubey
[+] Effect of tramadol on bispectral index during intravenous anaesthesia with propofol and remifentanil
V. Fodale, M. Tescione, C. Roscitano, G. Pino, A. Amato, LB. Santamaria
[+] Malignant hyperthermia and day stay surgery
N. Pollock, E. Langton, NJ. McDonnell, J. Tiemessen, KM. Stowell
[+] Performance of three systems for warming intravenous fluids at different flow rates
Jun-Ichi. Satoh, M. Yamakage, SI. Wasaki, A. Namiki
[+] Prospective randomized comparison of progressive dilational vs. forceps dilational percutaneous tracheostomy
E. Kaiser, E. Cantais, P. Goutorbe, L. Salinier, B. Palmier
[+] The impact of an ICU liaison nurse on discharge delay in patients after prolonged ICU stay
W. Chaboyer, L. Thalib, M. Foster, D. Elliott, R. Endacott, B. Richards