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Safety and efficacy of target controlled infusion (DiprifusorTM) vs manually controlled infusion of propofol for anaesthesia



In this multicentre, randomized trial, we compared the safety and efficacy of Diprifusor™ TCI with manually controlled infusion (MCI) of propofol for anaesthesia. With approval, 123 adult male and female patients were studied. Firstly, each investigator anaesthetized five patients to familiarize themselves with Diprifusor™ TCI. In Stage 2, 98 patients were randomized to receive propofol-based anaesthesia via TCI or MCI. Adjuvant drugs, airway management and monitoring were managed at the discretion of the anaesthetist. Results are presented as mean (SD). Induction times were significantly longer [67 (32) vs 54 (17)s] and induction doses were significantly lower [14 (5) vs 16 (4) ml] in the TCI vs the MCI group. Recovery times and total doses were not significantly different. There were statistically but not clinically significant differences in mean arterial blood pressure and heart rate. Quality of anaesthesia and ease of control of anaesthesia were similar. We conclude that Diprifusor™ TCI and MCI are similar in terms of safety and efficacy.

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