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Volume 46, Issue 3, 249-348 May 2018

[+] The effects of haemodilution with succinylated gelatin solution on coagulation in vitro as assessed by thromboelastometry and impedance (multiple electrode) aggregometry
PCA. Kam, S. Varanasi, KX. Yang
[+] Validation of a revised Mandarin Chinese language version of the Postoperative Quality of Recovery Scale
J. Ni, D. El-Ansary, J. Heiberg, G. Shen, Q. You, Y. Gao, K. Liu, H. Ke, CF. Royse
[+] Non-invasive estimation of cardiac index in healthy volunteers
CT. Eyeington, P. Ancona, L. Cioccari, N. Luethi, NJ. Glassford, GM. Eastwood, HK. Proimos, F. Franceschi, MJ. Chan, D. Jones, R. Bellomo
[+] A two centre observational study of simultaneous pulse oximetry and arterial oxygen saturation recordings in intensive care unit patients
SJ. Ebmeier, M. Barker, M. Bacon, RC. Beasley, R. Bellomo, C. Knee Chong, GM. Eastwood, J. Gilchrist, H. Kagaya, J. Pilcher, SK. Reddy, E. Ridgeon, N. Sarma, S. Sprogis, A. Tanaka, M. Tweedie, M. Weatherall, PJ. Young
[+] Governance of rapid response teams in Australia and New Zealand
SS. Sethi, R. Chalwin
[+] Strategies to reduce inappropriate laboratory blood test orders in intensive care are effective and safe: a before-and-after quality improvement study
JA. Dhanani, AG. Barnett, J. Lipman, MC. Reade
[+] Clinical practice variation in acute severe burn injury
TL. Garside, RP. Lee, A. Delaney, D. Milliss
[+] Extended duration regional analgesia for total knee arthroplasty: a randomised controlled trial comparing five days to three days of continuous adductor canal ropivacaine infusion
SC. Sargant, MJ. Lennon, RJ. Khan, D. Fick, H. Robertson, S. Haebich