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Volume 45, Issue 6, 649-760 November 2017

Cover Note
Intravenous crystalloids in the late 19th and early 20th century
PJ. Featherstone, CM. Ball
Can we reduce the prevalence of persistent opioid use after surgery by predicting the future?
NL. Pratt, EE. Roughead
Understanding the lives of anaesthesia trainees
LJ. Roberts
[+] Effect of hypocaloric normoprotein or trophic feeding versus target full enteral feeding on patient outcomes in critically ill adults: a systematic review
KA. Phan, CM. Dux, EJ. Osland, MC. Reade
Original Paper
[+] Perioperative assessment of older surgical patients using a frailty index—feasibility and association with adverse post-operative outcomes
H. Lin, NM. Peel, IA. Scott, DL. Vardesh, P. Sivalingam, RL. McBride, JJ. Morong, MJ. Nelson, RE. Hubbard
[+] Postoperative troponin measurement as a screening tool for adverse cardiac events in adult patients undergoing moderate or major non-cardiac surgery
D. Coric, NA. Smith
[+] Predictive value of quick Sepsis-Related Organ Failure Scores following sepsis-related Medical Emergency Team calls: a retrospective cohort study
D. Boulos, Y. Shehabi, JA. Moghaddas, M. Birrell, A. Choy, V. Giang, J. Nguyen, T. Hall, S. Le
[+] Assessment of the reliability of intubation and ease of use of the Cook Staged Extubation Set—an observational study
C. Furyk, ML. Walsh, I. Kaliaperumal, S. Bentley, C. Hattingh
[+] Prevalence and predictors of persistent post-surgical opioid use: a prospective observational cohort study
N. Stark, S. Kerr, J. Stevens
[+] Evidence of malignant hyperthermia in patients administered triggering agents before malignant hyperthermia susceptibility identified: missed opportunities prior to diagnosis
TY. Chan, TF. Bulger, KM. Stowell, RL. Gillies, EE. Langton, NE. Street, NA. Pollock
[+] The effectiveness of regional anaesthesia before and after the introduction of a dedicated regional anaesthesia service incorporating a block room
A. Chin, L. Heywood, P. Iu, AM. Pelecanos, MJ. Barrington
[+] The effect of intensive care unit admission on smokers’ attitudes and their likelihood of quitting smoking
CM. Polmear, H. Nathan, S. Bates, C. French, J. Odisho, E. Skinner, A. Karahalios, F. McGain
[+] Dexmedetomidine-associated hyperthermia: a retrospective cohort study of intensive care unit admissions between 2009 and 2016
KED. Grayson, AE. Tobin, TK. Lim, DE. Reid, M. Ghani
[+] Association of positive fluid balance and mortality in sepsis and septic shock in an Australian cohort
MG. Pittard, SJ. Huang, AS. McLean, SR. Orde
[+] Burnout and the learning environment of anaesthetic trainees
DJ. Castanelli, SA. Wickramaarachchi, S. Wallis
[+] A lung model to demonstrate dynamic gas trapping and intrinsic positive end-expiratory pressure at realistic ventilation settings
SH . Freebairn, R. Imlay, E. Barrett, MAJ. Park, RC. Freebairn
Sodium–glucose linked transporter 2 inhibitor–associated perioperative euglycaemic diabetic ketoacidosis: a case for a perioperative guideline
C. Hoffman, M. Green, O. Megafu
Gastric decompression before laparoscopic entry via Palmer's point
PD. Cook, RP. Land
Media Review
All Blood Counts—a manual for blood conservation and patient blood management
D. Holmes