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Volume 45, Issue 2, 133-278 March 2017

Cover Note
Bellows and self-inflating bags
J. Featherstone, CM. Ball
Buprenorphine for the management of acute pain
PE. Macintyre, CA. Huxtable
Perioperative anaphylaxis: progress, prevention and pholcodine policy
PT. McAleer, L. McNicol, MA. Rose
Special Article
[+] Australian and New Zealand Anaesthetic Allergy Group/Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists Perioperative Anaphylaxis Management Guidelines
H. Kolawole, SD. Marshall, H. Crilly, R. Kerridge, P. Roessler
[+] Patient and procedural factors associated with an increased risk of harm or death in the first 4,000 incidents reported to webAIRS
NM. Gibbs, MD. Culwick, AF. Merry
[+] Applying the cell-based coagulation model in the management of critical bleeding
KM. Ho, W. Pavey
[+] The tracheal accordion and the position of the endotracheal tube
ST. Herway, JL. Benumof
Original Paper
[+] A six-month evaluation of the VivaSight™ video double-lumen endotracheal tube after introduction into thoracic anaesthetic practice at a single institution
IL. Rapchuk, SAM. Kunju, IJ. Smith, DJ. Faulke
[+] Survey of research capability at Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists accredited training sites
KR. Goulding, PJ. Peyton, DA. Story, A. Parker, K. Leslie
[+] A pilot study using preoperative cerebral tissue oxygen saturation to stratify cardiovascular risk in major non-cardiac surgery
SYB. Wen, AZY. Peng, S. Boyle, S. Cai, L. Pope, MT. Tran, TG. Short, A. Aneman, M. Jaeger, A. Chuan
[+] Hospitals with briefer than average lengths of stays for common surgical procedures do not have greater odds of either re-admission or use of short-term care facilities
F. Dexter, RH. Epstein, EU. Dexter, DA. Lubarsky, EC. Sun
[+] Changes in cerebral oxygen saturation and haemoglobin concentration during paediatric cardiac surgery
T. Suemori, SB. Horton, S. Bottrell, JJ. Skowno, A. Davidson
[+] Validation of a difficult endotracheal intubation simulator designed for use in anaesthesia training
S. Brettig, M. Shurgott, SJ. Quinn, H. Owen
[+] Global tidal variations, regional distribution of ventilation, and the regional onset of filling determined by electrical impedance tomography: reproducibility
LR. Caruana, AG. Barnett, O. Tronstad, JD. Paratz, AT. Chang, JF. Fraser
[+] Ambu® AuraGain™ versus LMA Supreme™ Second Seal™: a randomised controlled trial comparing oropharyngeal leak pressures and gastric drain functionality in spontaneously breathing patients
II. Shariffuddin, WH. Teoh, EBK. Tang, NHM. Hashim, PS. Loh
[+] A clinical audit to assess the efficacy of the Coolsense® Pain Numbing Applicator for intravenous cannulation in children
PG. Ragg, G. Cahoon, A. Yeo, G. Chalkiadis
Case Report
[+] Buprenorphine-related complications in elderly hospitalised patients: a case series
S. Richards, L. Torre, B. Lawther
Abstract of ASA
Abstracts of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists 75th National Scientific Congress 17 to 20 September 2016 at the Melbourne Convention Centre, Melbourne, Victoria
Falsely elevated inspiratory carbon dioxide fraction when reusing a disposable filter in the end-tidal carbon dioxide sampling line
CA. Brunsdon, TJ. Martin
Unexpected airway obstruction due to oversaturation of a heat and moisture exchange filter
SC. Reddy, EHL. Lim
Dear SIRS ... unfaithfully yours
RC. Landis, Y. Durandy
Inappropriate routine use of vasoconstrictors during anaesthesia
J. Dieterle, AM. Cyna