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Volume 44, Issue 6, 649-792 November 2016

Cover Note
Manikins and training aids in resuscitation
PJ. Featherstone, CM. Ball
Taken as read but not cited
NM. Gibbs
[+] Anaesthetic implications of the changing management of patients with mucopolysaccharidosis
HA. Hack, RWM. Walker, P. Gardiner
[+] Current limitations of the assessment of haemostasis in adult extracorporeal membrane oxygenation patients and the role of point-of-care testing
K. Venkatesh, PS. Nair, DJ. Hoechter, H. Buscher
[+] Pharmacological agents for reducing the haemodynamic response to tracheal intubation in paediatric patients: a systematic review
M. Nazir, B. Salim, FA. Khan
Original Paper
[+] Association between functional iron deficiency and reactive thrombocytosis in hospitalised patients: a case-control study
H. Nicola, KM. Ho, F. Cordingley
[+] Driving impairment due to propofol at effect-site concentrations relevant after short propofol-only sedation
JL. Telles, S. Agarwal, J. Monagle, C. Stough, R. King, L. Downey
[+] Can femoral venous pressure be used as an estimate for standard vesical intra-abdominal pressure measurement?
AE. Howard, A. Regli, E. Litton, MM. Malbrain, A-M. Palermo, BL. De Keulenaer
[+] Bow-tie diagrams for risk management in anaesthesia
MD. Culwick, AF. Merry, DM. Clarke, KJ. Taraporewalla, NM. Gibbs
[+] A comparative study of tracheal diameter in Caucasian and Chinese patients
A. Tai, C. Corke, GM. Joynt, J. Griffith, D. Lunn, PWY. Tong
[+] Balancing the risks and benefits of using emergency diagnostic radiocontrast studies to diagnose life-threatening illness in critically ill patients: a decision analysis
KM. Ho
[+] The effect of dabigatran on the kaolin-activated whole blood thromboelastogram
A. 'Aho, K. Byrne
[+] Improved hospital mortality with a low MET dose: the importance of a modified early warning score and communication tool
DV. Mullany, M. Ziegenfuss, MA. Goleby, HE. Ward
[+] Accuracy of dispersing tramadol capsules for oral administration in young children
M. Kluger, S. Penrose, AR. Bjorksten, G. Chalkiadis
[+] Comparison of kinemyography and electromyography during spontaneous recovery from non-depolarising neuromuscular blockade
C. Khandkar, S. Liang, S. Phillips, CY. Lee, PA. Stewart
[+] Defining a reference range for vital signs in healthy term pregnant women undergoing caesarean section
A. Dennis, L. Hardy
[+] Safety of nicotine replacement therapy in critically ill smokers: a retrospective cohort study
A. Kerr, JT. McVey, AM. Wood, FMP. Van Haren
[+] Sequencing of genes involved in the movement of calcium across human skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum: continuing the search for genes associated with malignant hyperthermia
AR. Bjorksten, RL. Gillies, BM. Hockey, D. Du Sart
[+] Comparison of bioreactance non-invasive cardiac output measurements with cardiac magnetic resonance imaging
F. Trinkmann, C. Schneider, JD. Michels, K. Stach, C. Doesch , SO. Schoenberg , M. Borggrefe , J. Saur , T. Papavassiliu
Case Report
[+] Successful treatment of traumatic spinal epidural haematoma with fluoroscopically-guided percutaneous drainage: a report of two cases
M. Fujii, N. Tsubouchi, K. Nishiyama, N. Shime
Hypotension and vasoconstrictors
P. Roessler
Novel customisation of a NIMTM EMG tube to bypass distal airway obstruction from a massive retrosternal goitre
PK. Lee, AWG. Booth
Avoiding a tracheostomy after mandibulectomy and free flap reconstruction using a staged reintubation catheter
A. Ghimouz, J. Rodriguez, K. Abdelhafidh, P. Goater
The influence of introducing unrestricted access to sugammadex and quantitative neuromuscular monitors on the incidence of residual neuromuscular block at a tertiary teaching hospital. An audit of 'real-life'
JI. Milne, CS. Ong, JS. Ong, KC. Cheung, AA. Schauer, SB. Buttar, T. Ledowski
The impact of nature of surgery on the relevance of outcome measures
U. Gurunathan
Preliminary experience with LMA CTrachTM for assessment of glottic structures during thyroidectomy
G. Chilkoti, M. Mohta, AK. Saxena
Intraoperative subarachnoid haemorrhage associated with a reduction in bispectral index during cardiopulmonary bypass
JW. Lee, JH. Choi, Y. Kim, MK. Kim
Peculiar laryngeal mask airway packaging results in failed ventilation when used as a rescue airway device during an anaesthetic crisis
DFT. Newington
Sharing is caring: a new paradigm in medical research
R. Cordy, J. Chou
Tracheostomy as a model for studying the systemic effects of local tissue injuries and the cytokine patterns of acute inflammation: design, rationale and analysis plan
U. Trahtemberg, S. Sviri, M. Mandel, PV. van Heerden, Z. Agur, M. Beil
Media Review
Drugs in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
BJ. Piper
Oxford Textbook of Transplant Anaesthesia and Critical Care, First Edition
AH. Jackson
Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Data Analysis—Concepts and Applications
AHW. Tse