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Volume 43, Issue 3, 289-432 May 2015

Cover Note
The development of laryngoscope blades for more challenging situations
CM. Ball, RN. Westhorpe
Research subjects' voices: the missing element in research ethics
R. Dresser
[+] Debriefing after simulation-based non-technical skill training in healthcare: a systematic review of effective practice
AL. Garden, DM. Le Fevre, HL. Waddington, JM. Weller
Point of View
[+] Intensive care unit research ethics and trials on unconscious patients
GR. Gillett
[+] Research without informed patient consent in incompetent patients
GJ. Dobb
Original Paper
[+] Predictors of an increased in vitro thrombotic and bleeding tendency in critically ill trauma and non-trauma patients
KM. Ho, OC. Duff
[+] Consent for labour epidural analgesia: an observational study in a single institution
J. Trumble, J. Lee, PM. Slater, J. Sellors, AM. Cyna
[+] The teaching portfolio as a professional development tool for anaesthetists
NS. Sidhu
[+] Protocolised approach to end-of-life care in the ICU—the ICU PALCare Pilot Project
A. Rajamani, E. Barrett, L. Weisbrodt, J. Bourne, P. Palejs, R. Gresham, S. Huang
[+] Systematic review and meta-analysis of method comparison studies of Masimo pulse co-oximeters (Radical-7 or Pronto-7) and HemoCue® absorption spectrometers (B-Hemoglobin or 201+) with laboratory haemoglobin estimation
R. Hiscock, D. Kumar, SW. Simmons
[+] Selective unilateral spinal anaesthesia for outpatient knee arthroscopy using real-time monitoring of lower limb sympathetic tone
I. Bergmann, B. Hesjedal, TA. Crozier, R. Pöschl, M. Bauer, JM. Hinz, B. Büttner
[+] The relationship between superior vena cava diameter and collapsibility and central venous pressure
BS. Cowie, R. Kluger, S. Rex, C. Missant
[+] Predicting intensive care and hospital outcome with the Dalhousie Clinical Frailty Scale: a pilot assessment
C. Fisher, DK. Karalapillai, M. Bailey, NJ. Glassford, R. Bellomo, D. Jones
Special Article
[+] Findings of the first ANZICS conference on the role of intensive care in Rapid Response Teams
D. Jones, P. Hicks, J. Currey, J. Holmes, GJ. Fennessy, K. Hillman, A. Psirides, S. Rai, MY. Singh, DV. Pilcher, D. Bhonagiri, GK. Hart, E. Fugaccia
Abstract of APS
2015 Australian Pain Society 35th Annual Scientific Meeting: Managing Pain: from Mechanism to Policy. 15-18 March 2015, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Queensland
Inclusion of financial issues in the surgery cancellation categories introduced by Emanuel et al
A. Katsiampoura, HT. Huong, CA. Hagberg, D. Cattano
In response to Katsiampoura et al
R. MacPherson, A. Emanuel
Intentional oesophageal intubation for managing regurgitation during endotracheal intubation
DK. Kornhall, S. Almqvist, T. Dolven, LM. Ytrebø
Impact of anaesthesia on outcomes after radiocephalic arteriovenous fistula creation
RTC. Hu, DA. Story, J. Chuen, PF. Mount
A pictorial display of contents for quick revision: improving the efficacy and efficiency of cricothyroidotomy kits
SAM. Kunju, IL. Rapchuk
Lactic acidosis and asymptomatic hypoglycaemia due to plasmablastic lymphoma
T. Yatabe, Y. Taniguchi, M. Nishiyama, K. Inoue, T. Ikezoe, S. Fujimoto, Y. Terada, M. Yokoyama
Successful conservative management of an iatrogenic ECMO cannula&en;related inferior vena cava injury
B. Bhaskar, D. Mullany, D. Parmar, M. Ziengenfuss, K. Shekar
Unusual volatile agent switch: implications for checking unsealed volatile agent containers
RA. Fry, N. Wilton, G. Boyes
Morbidity and mortality in patients admitted with submandibular space infections to the intensive care unit
K. Sundararajan, JA. Gopaldas, H. Somehsa, S. Edwards, D. Shaw, P. Sambrook
Outcomes and clinical characteristics of critically ill patients requiring inferior vena cava filters in a tertiary referral centre
D. Ncomanzi, S. Edwards, K. Sundararajan
A dilemma while achieving rapid reversal of anticoagulation in a rural setting
DYJ. Foong, H. Ramaswamykanive
Self-directed simulator echocardiography training: a scalable solution
DJ. Canty, AG. Royse, CF. Royse
Media Review
Geriatric Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach. F. Lally, C. Roffe (eds.). Oxford: Oxford University Press 2014. ISBN 978-0-19-968964-4; pp 180
JW. Hains
Challenging Concepts in Anaesthesia: Cases with Expert Commentary. P Syme, R Jackson & T Cook (eds.). Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-968627-8; pp. 288; $94.24
GB. Donnan
Regional Anaesthesia: A Pocket Guide. A Chuan, D Scott. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-968423-6; pp. 150; $74.99
M. Doane