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Volume 39, Issue 6, 989-1172 November 2011

Intensive care unit volume – outcome relationship: is bigger better?
B. Abbenbroek, C. Duffield, D. Elliott
Procedural characteristics and outcomes of three intensive care based, nurse-led catheter placement services
E. Alexandrou, M. Murgo, E. Calabria, T. Spencer, H. Carpen, K. Brennan, S. Frost
The treatment of severe and severe complicated malaria in young children in a resource-poor setting – lessons for Australasian intensive care units (ALIMA/BEFEN malaria project, Niger)
N. Blackwell, M. Oumarou, H. Illa, M. Oumarou, E. Gignoux
Preservation of lung volume during cleaning of closed suction catheters: a pilot study using electrical impedance tomography
A. Corley, N. Sharpe, L. Caruana, A . Spooner, J. Fraser
Erythromycin does not reduce small intestinal nutrient absorption in the critically ill
AM. Deane, M. Summers, A. Zaknic, G. Wong, A. DiBartolomeo, J. Sim, M. Bellon, A. Maddox, R. Fraser, M. Chapman, M. Horowitz
Ten-year review of intensive care services in Victoria
GJ. Duke, A. Barker, M. Graco, J. Santamaria
Arterial oxygen tension and mortality in mechanically ventilated patients
GM. Eastwood, R. Bellomo, M. Bailey, G. Taori, DV. Pilcher, P. Young, R. Beasley
Massive haemorrhage and transfusions each change coagulation plasma factors
S. Foley, YL. Fung, M. Varzeshi, G. Simonava, HL. Do, A. Staib, J. Fraser
Detrended fluctuation analysis of ventilation in healthy infants
C. Grant, G. Stern, C. Thamrin, T. Riedel, U. Frey, A. Schibler
Omission of early thromboprophylaxis and mortality in critically ill patients: a multicentre cohort study
KM. Ho, S. Chavan, DV. Pilcher
Long-term outcomes of patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for severe acute respiratory distress syndrome
CL. Hodgson, K. Hayes, T. Everard, VA. Pellegrino
Lung recruitment by manipulating positive end-expiratory pressure following endotracheal suction improves end-expiratory lung volume and oxygenation
J. Jauncey-Cooke, T. Pham, C. Grant, F. Bogossian, C. East, A. Schibler
Plasma-Lyte 148 versus bicarbonate balanced crystalloid as cardiopulmonary bypass circuit primes: both reduce plasma sodium and tonicity
TJ. Morgan, P. Davies, G. Power, B. Venkatesh, JJ. Presneill
Quality-of-life and residual pulmonary function following H1N1-09 influenza pandemic: a single centre follow-up study
M. Pendyala, V. Nayyar, R. Dwyer, P. Wu, S. Ladanyi, ER. Stachowski
Waist circumferences correlates with obesity and morbidity better than body mass index in intensive care patients
J. Raj, SL. Peake, JL. Moran, J. Herman, R. Kelly
Discharge planning in Australasian intensive care units
J. Santamaria, GJ. Duke, DV. Pilcher
Between fluid balance and changes in body weight in the critically ill patient
A. Schneider, I. Baldwin, E. Freitag, N. Glassford, R. Bellomo
Small intestinal nutrient-stimulation of superior mesenteric artery blood flow may be attenuated in older critically ill patients
J. Sim, L. Trahair, R. Goud, M. Summers, A. Zaknic, C. Rayner, M. Chapman, T. Hausken, M. Horowitz, K. Jones, AM. Deane
Cardiac troponin I does not predict mortality in critically ill patients with severe sepsis
R. Tiruvoipati, N. Sultana, D. Lewis
Blood product storage age and type determine pathophysiology of TRALI
J. Tung, Y. Fung, M. Nataatmadja, K. Colebourne, A. Barnett, K. Glenister, A. Zhou, P. Wood, C. Silliman, J. Fraser
Acute respiratory management of tetraplegia in intensive care unit: a retrospective medical chart review
B. Wadsworth, E. Iliff, C. Hackett, PS. Kruger