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Volume 38, Issue 3, 411-608 May 2010

Cover Note
Temperature monitoring
C. Ball, RN. Westhorpe
Individualising target-controlled anaesthesia. Better models or better targets?
RR. Kennedy
Placebo vs placebo effect in clinical research and clinical practice
NM. Gibbs
[+] Relative adrenal insufficiency in the intensive care population; background and critical appraisal of the evidence
J. Cohen, B. Venkatesh
Original Paper
[+] A comparison of parametric and non-parametric approaches to target-controlled infusion of propofol
DP. Crankshaw, MJ. Brown, AR. Bjorksten
[+] Effect of gabapentin on pain after cardiac surgery: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
IL. Rapchuk, L. O'Connell, CD. Liessmann, HR. Cornelissen, JF. Fraser
[+] Comparison of sensory blockade following posterior and subcostal approaches to ultrasound-guided transversus abdominis plane block
THW. Lee, MJ. Barrington, TMN. Tran, D. Wong, PD. Hebbard
[+] Effects of open lung approach policy on mechanical ventilation duration in postoperative patients with chronic thromboembolism with pulmonary hypertension: a case-matched study
H. Imanaka, M. Takeuchi, K. Tachibana, K. Konishi, M. Nishimura
[+] Tight glucose control versus intermediate glucose control: a quasi-experimental study
MS. Durao, AR. Marra, DF. Moura, SM. Almeida, CJ. Fernandes, N. Akamine, JT. Hidal, OFP. Santos
[+] Rapid reversal of coagulopathy in warfarin-related intracranial haemorrhages with prothrombin complex concentrates
CT. Chong, TWK. Lew, P. Kuperan, JJE. Tan, HL. Tan, TK. Kwek
[+] Anti-emetic effect of midazolam added to morphine patient-controlled analgesia after total abdominal hysterectomy
BK. Huh, S. Jung, W. White, Y. Jeon
[+] Relative hypotension in the beach-chair position: effects on middle cerebral artery blood velocity
TJ. McCulloch, K. Liyanagama, J. Petchell
[+] The development and implementation of an obstetric cell salvage service
NJ. McDonnell, D. Kennedy, LJ. Long, MC. Gallagher-Swann, MJ. Paech
[+] Definition, risk factors and outcome of prolonged surgical intensive care unit stay
YC. Huang, SJ. Huang, JY. Tsauo, WJ. Ko
[+] Clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients with obstructive sleep apnoea requiring intensive care
LW. Hang, W. Chen, SJ. Liang, YC. Lin, C-Y. Tu, HJ. Chen, KL. Chiu
[+] Maximum non-reactive concentration of midazolam and ketamine for skin testing study in non-allergic healthy volunteers
N. Hagau, RO. Bologa, CL. Indrei, D. Longrois, DS. Dirzu, N. Gherman-Ionica
[+] A retrospective audit of three different regional anaesthetic techniques for circumcision in children
DJ. Sandeman, D. Reiner, AV. Dilley, MH. Bennett, KJ. Kelly
[+] Caudal epidural block in children: comparison of needle insertion parallel with caudal canal versus conventional two-step technique
K-M. Shin, J-H. Park, H-K. Kil, S-S. Kang, IS. Kim, SJ. Hong, J-K. Choi
[+] Effects of clonidine on recovery after sevoflurane anaesthesia in children undergoing cataract surgery
B. Ghai, J. Ram, S. Chauhan, J. Wig
[+] The financial and environmental costs of reusable and single-use plastic anaesthetic drug trays
F. McGain, S. McAlister, A. McGavin, D. Story
[+] Intrahospital transfer of critically ill patients; a prospective audit within Flinders Medical Centre
MW. Winter
[+] An evaluation of the Laryngeal Mask Airway Supreme™ in 100 patients
BH. Tan, FG. Chen, EHC. Liu
Case Report
[+] Torsade de pointes in a patient with acute prolonged QT syndrome and poorly controlled diabetes during sevoflurane anaesthesia
V. Thiruvenkatarajan, KD. Osborn, RMAW. van Wijk, P. Euler, R. Sethi, S. Moodie, V. Biradar
[+] Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: an unusual cause of acute limb compartment syndrome
CJ. Wall, J. Santamaria
[+] Continuous tunnelled femoral nerve block for palliative care of a patient with metastatic osteosarcoma
HL. Pacenta, RN. Kaddoum, LA. Pereiras, EJ. Chidiac, LL. Burgoyne
[+] Leukocytotic pseudohypoxaemia
M. Ben-Meir, J. Tibballs
[+] Status asthmaticus complicated by cardiac arrest
LJ. McIver, L. Halkidis, P. Talbutt
[+] Sheehan’s syndrome presenting as postpartum seizures
G. Jain, D. Singh, S. Kumar
[+] Cardiovascular ultrasound in detecting central venous catheter thrombosis in the intensive care unit: splenectomy and antiphospholipid syndrome
T. Saranteas, J. Poularas, C. Mandila, GG. Kostopanagiotou, A. Karabinis
Abstract of APS/NZPS
Using the international classification of functioning, disability and health to compare each disciplines focus in the assessment of chronic low back pain in a multidisciplinary team
K. Bagraith, J. Strong, R. Sussex, L. Gibson
Outcomes, recommendations and surprises: a summary of the 2009 review of chronic pain management services in Victoria
R. Barton, A. Crow
Electrical stimulation for the treatment of pain: are the changes all peripheral?
LS. Chipchase, SM. Schabrun, PW. Hodges
Retrospective survey of outcomes for children undergoing appendicectomy at Sydney Children’s Hospital
S. Cohen, L. de Groot, D. Champion, V. Varjavandi, C. Yap, T. Jaaniste
Tonic cold pain of the left foot is associated with increased regional cerebral blood flow in bilateral hippocampi and contralateral insula cortex
LJ. Cole, M. Gavrilescu, MJ. Farrell
Material deprivation is strongly associated with the prevalence of chronic and recent pain in New Zealand
C. Dominick, M. Nicholas, F. Blyth
Rating events show brain activation patterns that overlap with the activation patterns of the pain being rated
MJ. Farrell, M. Gavrilescu, LJ. Cole
What is this malady called “growing pains”? Genetic and environmental influences
C. Flynn, GD. Champion, T. Jaaniste, M. Taylor, S. Pathirana, R. Sachdev, C. Yap
Objective assessment of the sedative interaction between opioids and sleep deprivation
PM. Grace, T. Stanford, M. Gentgall, PE. Rolan
Functional pain syndromes of childhood: epidemiology, risk factors and outcomes
P. Hannaford, GD. Champion, T. Jaaniste, A. Taylor, C. Flynn, GA. Chalkiadis
The relationship between objective activity change and patient’s perceptions of activity change and low back pain recovery
PA. Hendrick, LA. Hale, ML. Bell, S. Milosavljevic, DA. Hurley-Osing,, SM. McDonough, DG. Baxter
Efficacy of duloxetine in reducing postoperative pain and opioid consumption after knee replacement surgery
KY. Ho, W. Tay, H. Liu, SJ. Yeo, SL. Chia, NN. Lo
Correlation between body tension patterns and identification of post traumatic stress disorder in the non-cancer chronic pain population
A. Just, A. Helou
Intravenously administered omega conopeptide toxin, leconotide, interacts positively with morphine: studies in a rat model of prostate bone cancer pain
A. Kolosov, L. Aurini, E. Williams, I. Cooke, CS. Goodchild
Cerebral changes detected in fibromyalgia syndrome using novel analysis of 3-D structural magnetic resonance imaging
R. Kwiatek, B. Crouch, L. Barnden, K. Pile
Performance tests in chronic low back pain: responsiveness and minimal clinically important change
CC. Lin, E. Andersson, R. Smeets
Is general practitioner care cost-effective for managing low back pain?
CC. Lin, M. Haas, CG. Maher, L. Machado, MW. van Tulder
Evidence of sub-group performance in group pain management programs has implications for performance at follow-up one to two years post-program
D. MacAdams
Does personality play a role in the development or exacerbation of fibromyalgia
K. Malin, GO. Littlejohn
Subcutaneous methylnaltrexone for the treatment of opioid-induced constipation in patients with chronic non-malignant pain
E. Michna, A. Watier, S. Schulman, E. Tzanis, A. Manley, H. Zhang, B. Randazzo
A targeted general practitioner education program for the management of non-specific low back pain in primary care
H. Slater, S. Davies, F. Kermode, J. Quintner, C. Graham, N. Fortescue, P. Knight, L. Parkitny, T. Antill, J. Codde, A. Vickery, C. Reglier, R. Timms, SA. Schug
Back pain in older Italian-born immigrants in Australia: the Mediterranean back revisited
F. Stanaway, F. Blyth, R. Cumming, V. Naganathan, HM. Creasey, L. Waite, D. Handelsman, M. Seibel, PN. Sambrook, DG. Le Couteur
Decreased heart rate variability in chronic whiplash is associated with pain, disability, stress and fear of movement but not cold allodynia
M. Sterling, A. Stone
Teaching an old dog new tricks: psychological pain interventions in an IT age
NR. Swain
The differential effect of electroacupuncture on peripheral and central sensitisation in humans
Z. Zheng, B. Linghan, L. Chunguan, X. Charlie
Is the McGrath® Videolaryngoscope really a low-efficiency device for inexperienced anaesthetists performing tracheal intubation?
FS. Xue, Q. Wang, J. Yuan, J. Xiong, X. Liao
Is the McGrath® Videolaryngoscope a low-effeciency device for inexperienced anaesthetists performing tracheal intubation? – Reply
D-J. Sharma, WM. Weightman
Paradoxical increases in patient responsiveness to LMA insertion following a 1.5 µg/kg intravenous induction dose of fentanyl with propofol
LAH. Critchley, A. Lee, T. Gin
Recruitment and training-issues for rural anaesthesia practice
JR. Sutherland
Is fibreoptic scoring a valuable means to assess proper positioning of the classic laryngeal mask airway in paediatric patients?
FS. Xue, Q. Wang, J. Yuan, J. Xiong, X. Liao
Is fibreoptic scoring a valuable means to assess proper positioning of the classic laryngeal mask airway in paediatric patients? – Reply
BS. von Ungern-Sternberg, TO. Erb
An audit of residual neuromuscular block in Australasia – Reply
PC. Yip, JA. Hannam, AJD. Cameron, D. Campbell
An audit of residual neuromuscular block in Australasia
WJ. Russell
Severe lactic acidosis and cardiogenic shock: a rare manifestation of a pheochromocytoma
J. Zaludik, FJ. Schuitemaker, RAJ. de Waal, BFE. Veldhuijzen, NJM. van der Meer
Well-leg compartment syndrome following supine position surgery
DB. O'Connor, DS. Breslin, MC. Barry
Anaesthesia trainees' exposure to airway management
R. Clarke, AI. Gardner, G. Hocking
Radial artery cannulation with a pressure curve directed technique
M. Alemohammad, J. Makarem
Failure of M-Entropy
TJ. McCulloch, C. Thompson
Media Review
Visionaries and dreamers. The story of the founding fathers of Anesthesiology in Israel
C. Ball
The Clinical Anaesthesia Viva Book. Second Edition
B. McCann
Multiple Choice Questions in Intensive Care Medicine
B. Venkatesh
Physical Diagnosis of Pain. An Atlas of Signs and Symptoms. Second Edition.
P. Briscoe
Interventional Pain Management: Image-guided Procedures. Second Edition.
D. Jones
Pocket Guide Pain Management
S. Hampasagar