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Validation of a revised Mandarin Chinese language version of the Postoperative Quality of Recovery Scale

Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria


The aim of the study was to validate a revised Mandarin version of the Postoperative Quality of Recovery Scale (PostopQRS) and to apply the revised version in a Chinese population. In a prospective design, bilingual volunteers completed the scale at baseline, day one, day seven, and day 14 in both languages, with the order of language and parallel forms randomised. In addition, lung cancer patients undergoing open or video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) completed the Mandarin version prior to surgery, day one, day three, day seven, day 14, one month, and three months postoperatively. Sixty-eight volunteers participated in the validation part of the study and in the clinical application, 93 lung cancer patients were included. The scores in the Mandarin version were equal to the English version in all domains at all timepoints including the word generation task, when the Mandarin morpheme was included in any part of the Mandarin word. However, Mandarin scores were lower in the word generation task if the morpheme was only included in the first part of the word. In addition, the Mandarin version was able to identify lower rates of overall recovery (P <0.01), nociceptive (P <0.01), emotive (P <0.01), and activities of daily living recovery (P=0.02) after open surgery compared to after VATS. The revised Mandarin version is equivalent to the English version for the cognitive domain, if morpheme substitution for the word generation task is allowed as any part of the word, and it is able to discriminate quality of recovery in Chinese patients.

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