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Long-term use of nerve block catheters in paediatric patients with cancer related pathologic fractures

Division of Anesthesia and Pain Management Service, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America


We report three cases of children with osteosarcoma and pathologic fractures treated with long-term continuous nerve blocks for preoperative pain control.
One patient with a left distal femoral diaphysis fracture had a femoral continuous nerve block catheter for 41 days without complications. Another with a fractured left proximal femoral shaft had three femoral continuous nerve block catheters for 33, 26 and 22 days respectively. The third patient, whose right proximal humerus was fractured, had a brachial plexus continuous nerve block catheter for 36 days without complication.
In our experience, prolonged use of continuous nerve block is safe and effective in children with pathologic fractures for preoperative pain control.

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