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Premedication with granisetron reduces shivering during spinal anaesthesia in children

Department of Anesthesia, Tanta University Hospital, Tanta, Egypt


This study evaluates the effect of prophylactic granisetron on the incidence of postoperative shivering after spinal anaesthesia in children. Eighty children, American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status I to II and aged two to five years were scheduled for surgery of the lower limb under spinal anaesthesia. The children were randomised to receive 10 µg/kg granisetron diluted in 10 ml saline 0.9% intravenously (group 1, n=40) or placebo (10 ml 0.9% saline, group 2, n=40) to be given over five minutes just before spinal puncture. Shivering, core temperature and the levels of motor and sensory block were assessed. No patients shivered in group 1. However, six patients shivered in Group 2 (P=0.025). There were no significant differences in the other measured variables between the groups. Granisetron is an effective agent to prevent shivering after spinal anaesthesia in children from two to five years of age.

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