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Ultrasound guided dorsal penile nerve block in children

Departments of Anaesthesia and Surgery, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


We describe a technique for using a portable ultrasound scanner (38 mm broadband (10-5 MHz) linear array transducer (Sonosite Titan® SonoSite, Inc. 21919 30th Drive SE Bothell, W.A.)) to guide dorsal penile nerve block in children under general anaesthesia. Real-time scanning is used to guide bilateral injections into the sub-pubic space, deep to Scarpa’s fascia either side of the midline fundiform ligament. Scanning can confirm that the local anaesthetic has spread to contact the deep fascia on each side. A subcutaneous wheal of local anaesthetic along the penoscrotal junction completes the block.

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